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As a personal partner, you are offered customisation, technical knowledge and professionalism.

Advantages of fibreglassreinforced polyester

Advantages of fibreglassreinforced polyester

  • Safe and electrically insulated
  • Impermeable and maintenance-free
  • Good thermal insulation coefficient including a low condensation risk
  • No corrosion caused by electricity or saline environments
  • No need for an anti-rust coating
  • Light, super-strong and durable: does not put additional weight on your machine

Your certainties

  • Want to avoid paintwork? Direct production in colour is possible for a stylish design.
  • Small or large series: Your polyester mould meets the strictest quality norms.
  • At the time of construction, we also glue metal inserts such as hinges, gas spring brackets, mirror brackets and anchor points.

This is how we make a difference

  • Knowhow
  • Continuously looking for innovation
  • High-level finish
  • Our own R&D department
  • Extensive guidance 
  • proactive team
  • personal and direct approach
This is how we make a difference
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